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You’ve found the perfect house with a basement or that ideal floor plan for your new build that includes a basement. Your mind is racing with all of the possibilities of that basement space. One thing that you know for sure is that you want a space to entertain friends and family; a place that you can call your own. One installation is guaranteed to bring the fun to your basement; that personalized wet or dry bar.

What is the difference between and wet bar and a dry bar? Both have a beverage fridge. Both have a dedicated liquor cabinet. Both can certainly bring the fun. The only real difference here is plumbing. Maybe you simply don’t have space for a sink to be installed at your bar or perhaps there is no nearby plumbing in the basement.

Do not fret! With a dry bar, you can still house those favorite spirits and all the tools to make that signature cocktail you are famous for! Or maybe you are a beer lover? Our technicians are experienced with installing that killer kegerator so you can always keep a keg of your favorite suds ready to pour a fresh draught pint! Then again, you are more of a wine person. We can install anything from a full walk-in wine cellar to small in-cabinet cellar fridge complete with ice-maker for your wine imbibing needs. The best part? None of this requires plumbing!

Then again, there is that floor drain and water cut-in pipe right in the corner that you were thinking would make a perfect bar placement. Enter the wet bar! Your wet bar can contain everything listed above and will cut down on the effort needed to clean. With a sink installed in your wet bar, you won’t have to run those empty glasses back and forth to your upstairs kitchen. Furthermore, if you are a serious wine or beer enthusiast, you probably won’t let your friends have the next beverage in your tasting until you’ve rinsed our their glass to remove the previous drink. With a full wet bar, you have the full ability of your favorite bar at your fingertips.
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At Affordable Basement Finishing Denver, we are experienced and trained to not only help you design that perfect bar swimming around your head but to ensure that it is manifested efficiently, affordably, and to perfection. While you’re planning your basement bar, it might be a good time to think about putting in a basement wine room too!

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This positive experience continues through the build stage. The homeowners work with our expert project managers who oversee the entire process. The project managers’ technical expertise and professionalism ensure quality work and clear communication. Daily communication with the homeowner and a cohesive relationship with our in-house design team and trade partners results in a space that will exceed the homeowners’ expectations!