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Remove everything from the basement and this won’t become an issue.

Imagine for a moment our trade partners moving 16 foot long lumber, 4 x 8 sheets of plywood, 4 x 12 sheets of drywall, 6 foot long metal duct pipe, and literally hundreds of other building components. You might get a glimpse of what it takes to build your basement. If we break something we will certainly repair it. But to be fair to the subs working we ask that you remove any item of value from the basement and leave plenty of space from the work area for items that remain.

From a little to a lot, but there’ll always be some.

Is a science. We start with the simple and economic methods first and then work through the options depending on your budget and needs. Each level of noise control will help to varying degrees but will not eliminate all noise between levels of your home. The biggest variable is the ducting system of your home. That is the one common thread that connects all spaces throughout your home so it’s a particularly challenging element to dampen. Speak with your estimator/designer to discuss all the options we offer.

Every project has them. And we deal with them pretty well.

Notice I said when a problem arises, not if? There are literally thousands of components and hundreds of man hours that go into building a basement. There is no company that won’t have problems. The nature of the construction industry is too dynamic; working with people and building things, issues will come up. What we say around ecorenocontractor is it’s how you handle the problem that matters, not that there is a problem. Your satisfaction and our reputation is way more important to us than trying to avoid an issue. So what to do? Contact your project manager. Likely he already knows about it and is working on a solution. Our project managers are pros at what they do and have on average 17 years of experience each. That means they’ve built hundreds and hundreds of construction projects over their collective 84 years of experience. What it doesn’t mean is that they know everything and never make a mistake. When they need help they turn to their ecorenocontractor colleagues including fellow project managers and the general manager of operations. In the unusual circumstance that you feel you need to talk to someone else besides your project manager the first person to contact is the general manager. We will seek to fairly and equitably come to a resolution.

We’re the best in the business but it’s still not an absolute guarantee.

This is the one the aspects of ecorenocontractor’s business model that makes us stand out from among our competitors. We started doing short construction schedules in January 2008 and we’ve gotten pretty good at it. Since then we’ve completed hundreds of basements in less than four weeks. In 2014 however, we had to move to a five week schedule due to some industry wide shortages in available labor. We have comprehensive systems and processes in place to ensure your basement is completed on time. What we don’t have is an absolute guarantee. Construction is a very dynamic process by nature. You shouldn’t necessarily expect a trade partner to show up at 8AM the morning of their scheduled day. At any given point we can be a few days ahead or behind schedule. And sometimes you may decide to change something, sometimes we notice something that we didn’t see during the proposal process, sometimes we mess up, and sometimes there’s something totally out of our control that happens that may cause a delay. We do everything in our power to complete your basement in the few weeks that we have scheduled. And although we’re the best in the business it’s not a perfect system so it can’t be relied on 100% of the time. We plan and execute with every intention of completing your project on schedule but unfortunately we can’t guarantee it.

We need your input and we want to do all the work to implement it.

Your input is needed in a lot of aspects such as all the design elements.  Your investment into your home with us is a big deal.  So we closely monitor the resources we assign to your project and ensure you receive appropriate management services.  We prefer that our project manager is the one who updates and coordinates everything with our subcontractors.  We’ve had some customers who spend three hours a day meeting with each of our subs.  They get really wrapped up in the process and begin to assume the role of the project manager.  That does not bode well with a good customer experience so we encourage you to let the project manager do his job. Our managers and subs have been performed basement finishes hundreds of time before so they know the drill.  On the other extreme, we’ve had some customers that were living out of state while we finished their basement.  They were never present except for a number of FaceTime calls.  It was a pleasant experience for our manager and for our customer who was were thrilled with their new basement when moved in.  There is a healthy balance of participation from you but we want the burden of management to lie solely on us.

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This positive experience continues through the build stage. The homeowners work with our expert project managers who oversee the entire process. The project managers’ technical expertise and professionalism ensure quality work and clear communication. Daily communication with the homeowner and a cohesive relationship with our in-house design team and trade partners results in a space that will exceed the homeowners’ expectations!